Thursday, 10 March 2011

Vote's Cast and our not so Anti-Pirate Roam

So after posting up about who I was voting for I went ahead logged my 3 accounts in and cast my votes Seleene was lucky enough to get all 3. Last couple of days have been good fun we've made some more friends around the area and are having a great time roaming and replenishing our wallets with various level 4 whore day's were we all band up and go annihilate as many lvl 4's as possible. The corp wallet is slowly expanding from all the lewts from roams and mission tax which will soon allow us to start replacing our ships incorp woop!
Ive also managed to finally get the SMF bridge to install and work with our forums which means that only corpys will be able to view them =] Took alittle while but it's now all peachy! Although since the TS3 validation scripts are no longer supported I cant find a replacement for API validation for TS3 =/ If anyone has a link to one so people can register on a webpage that would be awesome!

Anyway the other day I was pulled into a chat with some "Anti-Pirate" guys why? I have no idea but they seemed cool and were going out on a roam! So me and counter jumped in and I put word out in corp for the others to come along which they did after about half hour of shipping up lol. Anyway the roam started sort of ok we rolled through several highsecs till we hit Mara I was waiting in Lititura I believe as counter was trying to bait a fight 2 jumps across nothing came of it so he took his Myrm to a belt where a hurricane was fighting a falcon and something else I dont remember exactly it was like 11pm or something and I was tired. At the time we had a Hurricane/Myrm/Drake/Harby/Drake/Brutix in the gang so the other guys held on the opposite highsec as I was travelling to meet them and the idea was to head in from both sides. Counter engages the hurricane and calls the fleet in ( Unknown to us there's several tempests and scimmys floating about ) Hurricane goes Kabloom while im in warp to the gate when the tempest's gang lands and alpha's counters myrm into pieces and then one of the AntiPirate guys ( I'll refer to them as AP's its easier :P ) Everyone else is safe and we bug to the highsec counter reships and we move on to Kinakka and start moving up the pipe towards Obochi Brutix gets tackled in a belt by a jaguar from the tuskers scrams and webs him and calls us in for everyone to whore on the mail! We're waiting on the gate for zero to get in from Onnamon and my alt spots a couple more tuskers enter local in Kinakka so I warp to station and sit cloaked off it they arrive and start trying to bait a fight nothing happens so we ignore them for now. Zero Arrives we go and jump in to let him warp to us when comms gets spammed with a drake about to jump into our gang. Fights on! Drake decloaks and everyone pours points and webs and nuets on his ass and he explodes in a sexy fireball of death made it about 5km from gate before ass-ploding violently. The hurricanes warp to 30km of the gate and start trying to kite us but we're not that stupid and hold gate while waiting aggression bored with the hurricanes and knowing we'd not be able to get to them ( I was the fastest ship in the fleet and they matched my speed ) we moved on taking people all the way through caldari lowsec pipe back into highsec. We pop into Aununen and across to get to our next destination a Cynabal trys tackling on the out gate which is retarded seeing as we just jumped out :P There gang warps in ( WI. ) and we jump out.. Fail.

For the next 30 minutes we get nothing no fights from anyone or anything. We head towards highsec through several lowsecs in the hopes of a fight but meh nothing comes so just JUST before we're about to jump into the final lowsec and leave my alt spots a hurricane on the gate he jumps into us... Me after having no fights for 30 minutes starts yelling over coms "POINT THE FUCKING HURRICANE I WANT HIM EXPLODING BEFORE MY GUNS LOAD!!" to which a get a reply of dude we're anti pirates we wont shoot him... Wtf? "Fine bump his ass I dont care! Tali Zero tackle that cane" Someone asked if he had friends on the other side i wasnt sure tbh but my reply was "I dont care if he drops caps KILL HIM" by the time i'd finished that line they had already got him webbed and scrammed he had made it back to the gate but because the other guys didnt aggress Im assuming he thought they'd just follow him through lol. So he went pop after a few seconds then tali sent him home by podding him. After that we called it a night and headed to highsec to log offski.

It was a fun night not many kills to speak of but still we got some =]  Was a shame those guys we flew with were anti pirates we might have gotten a couple more fights. But hey ho was a good laugh and they were'nt butthurt by us molesting the hurricane.

Till next time!

Rand o/

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