Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Patch day HO and CSM6 Who to choose!?

Once again we find ourselve's being logged out at inoppurtune times and twiddling our thumbs for several hours while we wait and hope that the servers wont explode during another patch day. Here is the notes for todays deploymen to Incursion 1.3.  Not many changes going in considering the length of the downtime. It looks as if there attempting to improve lag with this carbon update so when people are shooting things and all the missles and bullets and frozen hookers are flying through the air the system handles it better? I could be wrong but if im not will this really work? Will we see any actual noticable benefits from such a patch?

And I decided on my CSM6 Candidate. It's going to be Seleene after browsing the various would be CSM candidates I found Seleene's posting to focus on the stuff that really matters the improvement of the core content the communication between CCP and its player base. From what I can see he's had the experience in both fields to be able to bring a cohesive and open minded approach to the CSM6 Table. Having worked for CCP before and lead one of the large alliances of old I believe he has the background and knowledge to hopefully help the CSM push forward with CCP to achieve there goals. I believe this statement in his post says it all  "I am not interested in more stuff - I want the stuff we have now to be complete and work properly." - This for me is exactly what I have been thinking ever since the rushed deployment of patchs and the Lag monster going full throttle into the underbellys of our fleet fights. So go vote for seleene! And you can find his post here!

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