Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fiction Post 3 - Harsh Worlds

Long LONG! Overdue fiction post.. Dusty has been pestering me to get it posted with so much going on it was hard to finish it and also to well.. find it again after my memory stick went walkies and a whole host of other less interesting hiccups! Anyway without further adieu here's chapter three!

I woke suddenly from my sleep as alarms pounded my ear drums with high pitched screams, Scrambling out of bed and shaking off the dream about wormholes and sansha invasions I grabbed my jacket and made a dash out the quarters. Red light's were blip-ping on and off along every passage way as crew members scrambled to there position's there was loud shouting over the Com's for combat readiness as I reached the stairwell at the end of the corridor. The staircase was juddering violently as I made my way up 2 decks to the offensive systems operations room.
As I entered there were casualties being slipped out a side exit on gravity platforms it appeared that whatever had fired had landed a direct hit on our weapons systems and several crew members were injured from the explosion, Monitors littered the walls of the room with a huge holo-screen on the far wall showing the enemy that they now faced, the ships computer despite half the crew being injured was still calculating its weak spots and pin pointing them on the main screen while each monitor showed diagnostic feeds of each of the megathrons powerful neutron blaster cannons that were hanging limply on the ships hull due to lack of power. "I need weapons systems online NOW!" The captain had bawled over the Com's trying to be heard over the alarms and explosions tearing through the ships now rapidly depleting shields, while this was a armor reliant vessel no one liked to see shields being stripped that fast on a ship as deadly as this. I grabbed the only working comm unit in the room and called the bridge, " Captain! Weapons systems offline we need to reroute the main capacitor feeds to the blasters or we're sitting ducks!" there was a crackle and another explosion there was a only silence after that. "Captain? Captain!" My heart was pounding so fast the noise filled my ears as debris started to fall in the adjacent corridor as another  hail of torpedo's hit us. "Rand? Rand are you still alive?" I grabbed the comm unit "Dusty is that you? Wheres the captain, I cant get through to the bridge?" There was a short pause and I heard him let out a sigh. " Rand.. The bridge took a direct hit, Its sealed itself off from the ship.. There all.. Dead." I almost choked.. The captain.. Everyone on the bridge evaporated in a instant, Millions of thoughts were racing through  my head only to be interrupted by the screaming of Dusty down the comm unit. "Rand! I can reroute what remaining power we have to weapons systems to get them back online we have enough for a few salvo's before life support starts being affected and the automatic shutdown of non essential systems engages" Great I thought.. Whose bloody idea was it to program a computer to think that guns weren't freaking essential! "Fine do it if we're going down we're going down guns blazing!"I screamed down the speaker. "Powers rerouted..  It was good flying with ya Ran......." The Com's unit cut out. Only the pounding off torpedo's and the sounding alarms could be heard now.. But I had better things to think about. "Computer online all blasters and disable overheating safeties target there primary shield matrix and fire everything we have NOW DAMMIT NOW!" - I was greeted by the computers response in the soft tone of a women's voice "Cannons Activated, Safety Protocols disabled, Targeting Raven class battleships shield matrix, Target Acquired....... Firing"

There was the sweet sound of the anti matter charges winding up inside the barrels of the blasters and then an all mighty explosion as the shells left the barrel and slammed into the Ravens shields "Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity At 90%"  The computer announced over the only speaker that hadn't fallen off the wall. The Holo-screen flickered as the enemies shields started failing the next round took out the majority of there armor.. Caldari ships weren't built to withstand this kind of punishment to there main structure..

"Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity at 40%, Damage control system failing"

"Weapons System's Offline, Directing all power to life support and escape pod launch tubes" The raven was at 10% armor we were so close.. I thought to myself. Then I saw it a fleet must of been 20 or 30 more of his friends arriving out of warp... Come to loot the spoils no doubt..

"Warning! Warning! Structural Integrity at 20%, Damage Control Measures OFFLINE"

3 more volleys and we'd be toast, the thought of being vaporised didn't appeal to me so I turned to head to the pod launch tubes only to see the exits blocked by fallen debris from the ships innards.. I sighed "Well it was worth a shot" I said to myself as I slouched onto the floor.

"Sub Space Anomaly Detected, Warp Signature Echo Bravo Foxtrot One Zero One." The computer pipped seemingly unaware of the ships Impending doom...

I looked up and saw a hurricane streak across the holoscreen with "Fuck Logic" emblazoned on the port side before it crashed to the floor .. "Counter!?"

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