Monday, 21 March 2011

The campaign! And a failed spai

So last few days have been interesting to say the least we've had some great fights which were only over shadowed by a simple mistake. And a trust issue arose in which we decided to see if it was true or if we were in a land of make believe fairys.

After some false intel was released a hand was played way to soon in my eyes but we managed to root out a bad seed with no damage to the campaign the contractor as such remains anon and now he just looks stupid. Funny thing is if he hadnt kept spamming about how he had stolen aload of stuff we probably wouldnt have even batted an eyelid.

Anyway we ended up in a couple of fights down in WI space lost 2 pilgrims due to counter being a nab and forgetting tali was next door so we gimped our advantage alittle! However we made up for it on the way home when a 3 man gang of a drake, phobos and exeq navy issue were camping our outgate so we all jumped in and face humped them the phobos ran away like a little baby and the exeq and the drake got smashed into oblivion. Funnily enough our "spai" arrived in a falcon and was promptly jammed as we had a hunch at the time he wasnt playing for us. So we netted 2 nice kills and left them to it.

We returned back to highsec to go play in jita and buy some new shinys! However the next day Zam was out doing his usual bombing runs in WI. Space. When he comes across a POS with well.. No pos lol. All the mods are unanchored theres ships floating in space and no shields or tower so he does the kind thing.. And blows them all up lol! we were going to steal them but no one had a cloaky hauler so we just decided to blow them up instead.

Links for the mails will be posted up soon! Im still ramming my face into the website at the moment :P

Rand o/

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