Saturday, 19 March 2011

Battle Report from last night and a quick lol.

So last night we scrounged up all our pilots online at the time togo look for a fight and man. Did we find one! After hooking up with some friends we'd made in local we rounded up our rag tag bunch and made head way to 0.0. Only to never arrive lol. About 4 jumps in and some minor dicking about we finally got to engage a gang that had been poking around. Was a epic fight with us just scraping through considering they had twice the numbers and twice the ewar! My rapier went and exploded on me but not before whoring on there rapier kill so I dont feel so bad now! Anyway stats are here was a epic fight and props to the guys was a great amount of fun!

Oh and today I got bored and made this.. I thought it was

And I cooked up the new KB header not bad for someone who has pretty much fuck all knowledge in PS and Fireworks ^_^

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