Monday, 14 March 2011

Hours for Plex

The other day CCP introduced something that for me is definatly a godsend! Hours for Plex!
Basically it allows you to have your account reactivated for a 4hr period in order to put a plex on it. Many a time I have had to reactivate via paypal or card because I forgot to add the plex i'd bought the day before. Or just forgot to buy one in the first place lol. And i'm sure many pilots have felt the same way when they realised they forgot to get there plex and spend the next few days emo raging because payday isnt here yet and they KNOW they have the isk on there account to plex it! But now this new system will easily solve all those issue's! Well.. We'd hope so!

Keep up the good work CCP but still just maybe.. Fix the lag kk?

On another note Kirith over at the Inner Sanctum Of Ninveah blog logged onto SiSi to find a very nice surprise. Previously he'd suggested CCP split up the ship groups abit better on the overview as opposed to 3 sizes each one fitting several class's of ships. Ie; Titans were in the same size as BS's. Kirith had come up with a very cool and easy to distingush system to replace it. Go and check out all the info and the screen shots at Kiriths blog! Inner Sanctum Of Ninveah

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