Monday, 7 March 2011

Bacon Survives Again!

Whats up all? Hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent alot of it helping out the parents with some bits in the yard and driving there crap to the tip :P What a good son I am! Which left no time to write up the blog =/ was not a happy bunny!

Anyway first things first the CSM! Candidate list is now available here. Im currently purousing through them to see what they have to bring to the table. Im leaning towards Seleene but more on that tomorrow!
Secondly the fiction post is almost finished I had a mishap and lost the last half.. luckily it was on my memory stick which was round my parents so Im currently adding the ending again as it wasnt backed up that far!
Also we moved the website and killboard to a new server now and the KB broke it's currently being fixed by me and Klin so will have to make do with BC links for now =/

So yesterday morning about well midnight technically we grabbed some frigs and made like the wind to find a fight. 3 cruisers and a Harby were spotted and we decided to reship. We ended up with a Ishtar,Curse,Hurricane and a Merlin and a Ishkur. ( The ishkur pilot dc'ed while we reshipped =[ )
Ishtar went in and warped back to P1 where he found them earlier.. and they were still there. Ishtar grabbed point on the rupture and called us in. Fleet warped and it was like blood went over everyones eyes! Moa was called primary and we had people spread points and webs. After a short while the moa went down. Next to fall to the blazing hail of EMP rounds and nuets was the rupture then the caracal who didnt stand a chance as my hurricane tore apart his face like a polar bear on crack. The harby didnt last long under our fire and he was dispatched quickly too. People grabbed teh lewts and safed up waiting out GCC.  I was very surprised these guys stayed in the same place after having a ishkur land ontop of them and seeing us all jump out and back in.. Im surprised they didnt warp off!

And even though I was last on the field I got primaried lol! But my faithful Bacon held out at by 60% shields they'd all popped <3 Hurricane = Best ship!

Thats all our pew for the day see ya again soon!

Rand o/

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