Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mealstrom Madness and Sexy Loot

Ok so not much has been happening over the last couple of days. Works picked up and such and the website is starting to take some basic form \o/
But back to what this post is really about!

So recruitment is going well and we've had some quality pilots join up and participation is excellent on there part. So last night we had another chap wanting to join and he wanted to fly with us for abit before joining to see if we got on as a whole. So we took out a BC shield gang last night. 2 Drakes a Myrm, 2 Basilisk's and my trusty Hurricane! So we form up and make our way to Arzanni the final highsec before lowsec near Querious. 2 jumps in while waiting on gate for our scout ( A drake lol ) To check next system. When gate fires and a Mealstrom jumps through. He starts motoring back to the gate. I get the feeling it's a bit of bait so I have the drake jump in. As soon as he calls local clear and before I can even order to engage our Myrm pilot scrams/webs the mealstrom and starts hacking away. At which point guns free is called and the carnage begins! Mealstrom aggres's our Myrm pilot but the basi's are on top form and easily keep up with the damage. Maelstrom pilot deaggress's at 10% armor we spank the overheat button and very soon he goes pop! Despite his best efforts and his ship going boom the dude takes it lightly in local and gf's are exchanged!

So we continue on and get into Clani we're waiting on gate and as our scout jumps into Gehi someone jumps into us! And wallah it's the mealstrom pilot.. Again! He holds session timer and he's in another mealstrom. Now not ones to let a fellow pilot warp off in such a expensive ship. He's pointed and everyone starts laying into him he aggros and fleet decides fuck it. If it's bait it's dieing before we do! But this time round his ship has a monster tank! You'll see why in a minute =]

So we're bashing away he's at about 50% shields and a falcon decloaks as soon as I've called falcon primary Myrm drops his sentrys onto the falcon and half the fleet points him. His shields vanish and is put into armor as I get jammed. One of our basi's gets jammed but alas he fails to jam me again and when I get lock I managed to get 2 volleys off before he explodes. Quick decision by the Myrm pilot really made that easier then it shoulda been! Cyan in the myrm decides the falcon pilot fails. And pops his pod too =]

We switch back to the Mealstrom who at this point has clawed back some shields. Everyone overheats and then the myrm burns out his guns lol After what seem's like forever we finally get him into structure and he makes a extremely satisfying BOOM! All over the stargate. Pro Logi support during that fight made everyones lives easier and everyone worked well and did everything spot on. In truth with the kinda tank that meal had we'd have probably had to deaggro or died lol

2 Proteus land on gate and we decide that we should bug out just incase. As everyones drones had been dieing to sentry gun fire =[ And half our guns were damaged! We scoop loot and warp to safes. When it dawns on us that the guy was pretty much fully faction fit!

Republic fleet gyros! Dread Guristas Warp Disruptor! DG Shield Boost Amps ect! Quite abit dropped aswell =]  Worked out just over 500m Loss but our killboards not updating faction Items right o.0
 Good fights are exchanged in local and props to the guy for having such a mean tank! Now we know why lol! We made 244m just from the faction loot lol. Which was split between the fleet =] Happy days.

Winding down the roam we decided to pop into A2- in querious nothing much happened except a bait drake tryed to kill our gang but there fleet jumped to early so everyone bugged out much to the bemusement of Cyan who gladly stayed to make sure we got away safely by trying to take down the drake while being jammed to hell/bubbled/nueted ect lol <3

All in all was a great welcome to our new pilots! And we hope we get some more friends to fly with in the future!

Rand o/

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  1. Hey, i pre-emptively made up for my aggro fail twice over :) and it made sure you guys got away from gate cause every single guy in that gang stayed to shoot at me :)