Wednesday, 9 February 2011

M-M gets a visit from SR.

So with the highsec war not exactly being as fruitful as we'd hoped due to timing and low participation round peak for the otherside... We decided to instead of camping stations or being camped in stations we'd roll on to Wildlands and poke the locals.

We pulled together a fast and extremely deadly fleet. 2 Vaga's, Falcon, Rapier, Curse, Pilgrim. We fast rolled through the lowsec's prior to the nullsec entrance. We moved out of Egbinger the final lowsec and moved down the pipe towards M-MD38, Nothing was around to shoot at till we hit the M-M gate and ended up missing a hurricane by literally a couple seconds. We had the Rapier go in and scout 1 belt system and theres a drake ratting.. Fail. Rapier gets a tackle we warp in drake warps off.. Bigger fail =[

Warp stabbed o.0.

We make a couple of safes around the system and keep hunting. Nothing fights us for alittle bit till we decide to start harrasing them in local. Finally we warp to station undock and camp it down. When a rupture warps in at range to station. But in range of the 2 Vagabonds. Within a couple of seconds Im looting his wreck. Poor sod even lose's his pod hehe. Then a couple of drakes and a brutix and a myrm undocks.  Brutix is called primary and we burn him down fairly quick after a few seconds he goes Kabloom! Next up is a Drake, In the middle of shooting him a bomber appears and I start yelling PRIMARY HIZ ARSE! 2 Seconds later.. He is no more. By this time the drakes bleeding armor and as he goes pop several other drakes undock and a hurricane. We start working on the myrm but we're taking loss's now curse and pilgrim go pop. . Unsure how the curse died.. He should have been at range but meh =]  The calls made to bug out as the myrm hits structure but despite our efforts apparently he never popped o.0 Was a extremely fun fight even though we were out numbered 2-1!

There was a massive fail by one of our Vaga pilot's and FC.. Who made a suicide run to try and snipe a flycatcher he landed in his bubble burned out and in the warp process got tackled by a drake.. And he went boom. Opps!

Morale of this story is - Dont bite off more then you can chew or something like that =]

Till next time!

P.s my Vaga survives another roam <3

Rand o/

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