Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lowsec roam and Cruiser fun in Catch!

First thing's first.

Last night was awesome fun. Really was hilarious. We started off with 4 cruisers and took a roam through Perbhe all the way down to Arazanni ( Highsec ) Tali was fc'ing but no one to fight apart from two blobs of about 20 Bc's and a 2nd blob of 20 bs's with logi. Shame.. and we lost a Omen coming through due to epic panic lol.

While waiting for him to reship me and Tali were poking around dotlan to see where we could go next. And I spotted 1 jump from us the system HED-GP owned by AAA. And we figured why not we'd get a fight thats for sure. So when Zam arrived in his Retribution and Sami in his Omen. We set off to HED- with a Caracal, Rupture, Omen, Stabber and a Retribution.  I took lead of FC as Tali wanted to see how it was done.

We reached gate and had Zam jump in to scout on the other side was a hurricane, 2 vaga's a vexor and a claw. There was a thrasher but he warped off. We told Z to engage them or atleast have them agress all we got was "burning back to gate" apparently they had shot him but he neglected to tell us.
So I had fleet jump in and hold cloak while I decided on primary. We, thinking we'd all die in a fast fire chose the closest vagabond figured we'd kill the most expensive thing on the field. The vaga ran away at 2 thirds shields as My shield buckled under the combined fire. We switched primary to the Claw and very shortly after he went Pop. Next target was the vexor and surprisngly he went down faster then the claw. By this time my armor had buckled and structure bled out very quickly and I was soon sat in my pod. I was at 0m on the gate but couldnt jump so I warped off to a planet. Counter took over target calling and the we managed to snag the hurricane aswell! Then the choice was made to GTFO. And everyone deaggressed tanked the vaga's and jumped through. Some with aggro timer got stuck and we lost the caracal and rupture ontop of my stabber.

So for the loss of 3 cruisers. We killed a Interceptor and Cruiser and a Battlecruiser. Tit for Tat but way up on isk destroyed. So a major win on our part.

Glad the guys gave us a good fight! Although the ships fittings left something to be desired.
Shortly after Tali had a convo from the fleets FC. They wanted us to join there alliance! We kindly declined and tryed working out standings so we could roam CVA space unhindered. Although I went to bed when he was doing that so I wont know till the morning!
All in all very fun fight and hopefully more to come! Here's to the new corporation! Btw yes i've changed corps and am now the proud leader of Serenity Rising.

Rand o/

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