Saturday, 5 February 2011

Roam to Catch and Querious - Hilarity Ensue's!

Ok so we're mid-roam taking a tea break after what has been the funniest roam to date.

We started off from our highsec base and made way to Keberez the system before HED- , 2 lowsec between our home and destination. Scout roll's ahead and checks it out, Apparently there's a Blackbird, Geddon and a Hurricane on the out gate to the 2nd lowsec system at 0m. We decide to bait them when all of a sudden a Nighthawk lands with them and jumps through. Scout jumps after and relays they engaged the nighthawk. After a quick decision we decide to come to the rescue of the Nighthawk pilot and thwart the evil doer's! Fleet lands on gate and engages the GCC guys on gate. Primarys called on the hurricane and he drops like a sack of bricks under the combined fire of our fleet. Next up is the geddon who tryed to warp off but I haz point on him and he is like aww shits. I decide that blackbird should not be allowed to live and take on the wrath of the gate guns in order to destroy his ship.. He goes pop as I dance around his wreck in my hurricane. I switch targets to the geddon he de-agress's and trys to make it back through the gate fleet overheats everything and burns down his last chunk of armor and he explodes into shiny pieces.

We wave the nighthawk pilot on who is extremely thankful for our efforts and we make some new friends! Infinite Covenant - Fly safer next time dudes!
Anyway after that little throwdown we roll to HED- and it's camped to high hell so we decide next stop.. QUERIOUS! Rolling through the 2 lowsecs we land on the A2- gate and jump in after a Typhoon who manage's to get out of the bubbles we dropped and warp off.. FML =[

I get bored and we decide to warp and bubble the station undock then someone gets stuck on gate and we lose a blackbird. Lol woops. We run around abit and get no fights =[ 
We warp back to the lowsec after being chased by a 50 man drake gang and an incursus pops into Kaira and I end up getting itchy and pop him.. GCC occurs and I warp off as Fran pods him. Win.

GCC dies out and we move into Ashmarir and try and get a Geddon, Drake and Hurricane to engage us on gate.. They wont =[ Then suddenly a claymore appears with GCC so we decide to engage that at 40% shields local bumps by 50 and incomes the drake gang. Pro jams from our falcon pilot gets all but 2 of our fleet members out. Then the best thing ever happens.. Im aligned to the highsec gate waiting session aggro timer. When call comes in that a 70 man fleet is about to jump into the 50 man fleet. We decide to whore killmails and warp to the gate only to see the other fleet warping off or jumping out. On comms all I hear is 2 BC's in highsec with GCC quick whore the mails!!!!!  I jump out to see in highsec 2 of the guys from the 50 man fleet 12km off gate with GCC! Concord appears and me and Counter through tears of laughter point both ships and start laying into them. Pop goes the drake. And the hurricane died way before we got load our guns!

So for a couple loss's we end up with some brilliant kills and the funniest moment ever in eve. And some new friends <3

Time to continue the roam so will drop another post if anything fun happens!

Fly safe

P.s Thanks to Keeno B, Who without we probably wouldnt have got the geddon and such to engage! :D

Rand o/

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