Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quiet Times and Outer Ring Woopsy's.

So blog's been quiet for a couple of days. Partially because ive been ropped into building our new website and doing the majority of the graphical design for the time being till Tali get's off his arse and gives me a hand ;)
Fiction is currently on hold untill the sites finished so i'll have a couple post's going up after it's done.

On a brighter and not so brighter note. We've still been out roaming about however the last couple of times there were a few mistakes that cost us alot of ships. First up was a bait scimitar but by the time people had realised it was too late and we lost a falcon/claymore. And another guy just before lost his Pilgrim because he didnt hold session timer instead cloaked up and got decloaked immediatly by drones.

After that mishap we took some RR and did abit of isk grinding replaced the lost ships and decided we'd go on a bomber run. So myself, Tali and Counter took a couple bombers and went roaming down through syndicate. It was relativly quiet to say the least. No camps. No bubbles. No travellers. Nothing not a soul. Atleast till we reached MN-.

We spotted about for abit and decided to cloak up on the opposite side of the gate. Shortly there after a Exequror jumped through the gate and Tali missed tackle.. Everyone had tackle but him.. FML. We chased him down and caught him in the next system. 2 Volleys of torps later he went Kabloom!

( For some reason blogspot is now stuck on italic.. apologies. )
Nothing else much eventful happened for the next hour. . Failed to tackle the same drake 5 times in the same belt.. Got him into structure on the 5th try but he MWD'ed out of point range while i was burning to him and warped off. It was hilarious and his corpse will be ours soon enough. The roam was made awesome though by counter, I was tired and couldnt be arsed to FC. So we went with a themed roam. Sex Hotline. So for the duration of the roam Counter FC'ed in such a way.. That it had me and tali in fits for half the trip. His impression of a sexhotline girl/man/thing was so convincing Tali was starting to get worried that Counter had been the lass/man/thing he'd spoke to the previous night lol.

Anyway during the close of the roam around 4am my time. Counter warped to a very far off grid cyno only to be caught in a bubble and have his bomber popped. Not cool =[

Tomorrow however! We reship and re-fuck shit up.

Btw Serenity Rising is recruiting. So hit up Silent Sarrow or Randunip ingame if you fancy some nullsec roams and plenty of hilarity!

Rand o/

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