Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I've been wanting to come back to EVE alot more then I have been but there's nothing Inspiring about ship spinning at the moment. With nullsec on the back burner due to the recent conflicts and the fact its now basically a ISK machine for the russians I have no interest in going in to get constantly  whelped under the command of a FC who couldnt lead a piss up at a brewery or sitting for hours inside a POS only to be stood down because everyones balls fell off during the last half a hour of waiting. Highsec is a good option while I decide where to go and what to do, with Rand and Dee now capable of flying 3 out of the 4 maurader's available the Kronos, Paladin and the Vargur. Rands now also fully capable of flying the Matar and Gall capitals and has all his gunnery skills maxed out Im currently working on Medium Pulse Spec as I wish to fly the Legion in some death or glory roams in the event I find a suitable corporation that doesnt sit on there ass all day complaining about shit no one cares about.

With Fanfest coming up in several months regardless of my reduced presence in New Eden I am still going. I am hoping that it will provide the much needed moral boost and inspiration to get back on the horse and ride full steam into the nearest blob while screaming something about a guy named Leeroy Jenkins down the fleet comms. Im looking forward to meeting new people and people I know but have yet to get face time with. Amos, Dusty, Klin and a couple others should be attending so it will make for a nice little group.

For the people planning on going to fanfest sum up your reasons in one word? Mine is Inspiration, Whats yours?

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