Thursday, 13 October 2011

Better late then never

Hai Guys!!!!

Im back, Somewhat anyway and I have a new home! Within the infamous BrickSquad. After considering a few options and believe me there were quite a few. I decided on Brick was a change of pace for me and nice to get back to 0.0 even though It wasnt on my mind till it came up.

Thanks to all who mailed, Spammed convos and replied on the forum, If I find Brick isnt to my taste I will hit some of you up for a chat! But dont hold ya breath as so far it's been a fun ride. After being sexually molested by Spacestripe I hit the apply button and got coms sorted blew myself up and landed in 1DH- in Delve. Sorted myself out with some ships and headed out to meet the fleet. We flitted about for abit before meeting up with our "Temp" Allies Evoke/Ewoks and some other people. We were off to kill a goon tower that was coming out of reinforced and were hoping for a good fight but they never showed and the tower died without incident. After someone decided to have a E-honour fight with Evokes Scimmy+Drake gang and we got owned after they warped right on top of us before we could warp onto them. We lost a fair few guys during the engagement but it was a blast so thanks Evoke and pals! <3

We reshipped into some more throw aways and headed out to intercept another TEST gang if I remember rightly! Snagging a couple of kills along the way. . They pretty much ran after we snagged a few stragglers and wouldnt stay to fight :(

Sorry there isnt any links for kill mails and battles tonight the posts abit late and I cba to find them. If anyone would care to link the killboard links in the comments I'll update them asap.

Watch out EVE! Randys Back!

Fly It like you stole it!


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