Saturday, 15 September 2012

Incursion lowdown. Pt1

Morning all, Sorry I've been somewhat AFK. Ya know how it is when several people quit and you and the rest of the teams left picking up the slack its a little nuts.

Anyway I thought I'd do a quick Incursion post before work. Nothing too in depth and what have you! But enough to keep me happy that Im actually getting some content out there, also the fiction post is almost ready for posting so keep your eyes open.

Anyway I was asked a week ago about incursions and what the deal was by a fellow coalition member, Only having done them for a few days I felt ill equipped to answer some questions as there is alot involved and thats even before you join a fleet! After a couple more days I felt more comfortable in passing on the knowledge I had gained. The thing about this is the FC's were/are great. Having a great teacher means you learn more and at a quicker pace.

The main question was how do I incursion???? The answer is simple you join one of several public chat channels that play host to the varying incursion sect's within the community. TVP and ISN are just two of many whom I encountered. You link your fit depending on wether you wanna do HQ/AS when they ask for more people and you sit and wait and hope to be chosen. You also have to read to the guide on incursions thats linked ( This is helpful DO NOT pass it over.. You will regret it ) and obviously get onto their teamspeak server, move to the destination system. For dps ships have several fits in your hold ( Max tank, AB fit ) and your pretty much done with the basics. As a catch up HQ = Headquarter sites, AS = Assault Sites, Max Tank = If you dont know this your retarded and same with AB Fit.

So you got into a incursion fleet excellent! Well done pass out a few cookies and enjoy the ride it wasn't that hard  was it?

More next time as we delve into the more intricate matters when landing on the field to lots of sansha and the differences between "pre load" and none pre load!


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