Monday, 5 May 2014

Finally got to kill stuff with my Dread!


How's everyone been? Good?


Right, back on track. So as you know I'm now in Shadow Cartel! And honestly most fun in EVE so far.. Ever.. That's a fact. Lots of PVP, Plenty of free time to work around RL. And great fun couldnt ask for more really.

I have had/been in several fights since joining the last couple were enjoyable 1 because I got hot dropped by PL and didn't die the other because I got to use my Dreadnaught!

Heres the fight from which we couldnt break each other then PL crashed the party ...


The other was OMG CAPS DROP ZE DREADS! Moment. So I was like shit why not! I need to kill something with this before I sell it due to dust gathering on it.


Please don't ask why the Rorq was there.. it was obviously a combat Rorq.. but you know pointless. Still was fun ya know!

Ok so serious stuff time just a quick tid bit.

Fanfest stream? So yea from what I saw it was very lack luster. Even the alliance/corp panel was terrible nothing was that funny, nothing was very informative it was pretty much a slap dash atleast from what I saw. Even the stream wasn't as good as last years.

The only thing that made me drool was the new skins for the Domi and Eagle ect and the new ships for faction! I'll do a more focused write up when I have some time mid week!


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