Saturday, 24 May 2014

Op Success.

Evening all!

So today was a pretty good day as far as they go. RL wise I worked on my car ( my secret show car love project ) and done some DIY down a friends flat. Then getting home 20 minutes before I was due to take out my second roam in SC which also went pretty good as far as they go.

Took out a fleet comp that's new to me however I felt a lot more comfortable flying it then I did the shield fleet I had prior and killed most of us. Took a run up towards Siseide and I managed to die in my maller because being a pleb I "thought" I heard logi say they were only 15km from the gate and not 50km so when I jumped through to engage a small-ish E-UNI gang I got killed before reps could get in. *Sad Panda*.

So ran back and reshipped and made haste back to the fleet like a proper FC..... Derp.

A Myrm was fighting a small gang on a medium outpost so I have the guy's run in and try and tackle everything they can get there hand's on. Unfortunately only the Myrm was on field when we landed. Or rather when they landed.. My second Derp was warping to the wrong medium. Managed to get on the kill though so I didn't look like a complete tool as the guy was repping like a boss. He tanked our entire gang for about 45 seconds. This Myrm was insanely good. And when he died I found out why.. He was also extremely expensive!

Winner that paid for my Maller loss and a little extra. So win. In the end he had taken 110k Damage which tbh is nuts but good on him was fun. Loot scooped and stored in a cloaky because no one fancied being the patsy and dieing in a 10m ship with 110m in loot.

Next we continued up the pipe nothing was really about a gang or two that were too big to take on and get any realistic gain from ( In other word's we'd all die again ).

We found these guy's sitting in a safe spot after warping off from a fight at a gate so in true style. We blobbed them.. Managed to catch the Deimos and Thorax but the other two got away tbh I'd have been happy with the Deimos.

A gang was spotted in Kamela not shortly afterward's and had kiting setup with logi. Our brave Celestis pilot for some reason had jumped into them and died and no one realised till "Fuck" was heard on teamspeak and a loss mail appeared in fleet chat. In the course of getting into the fight I made a few mistakes some being a bit slow on decisions ( I was sleepy ) but in the end I had the guy's warp to gate we jumped and held cloak for a little too long I was expecting them to jump but they started burning instead hing sight says I should have just got them to tackle everything as we jumped but nevermind. A couple of guy's tag teamed and managed to catch the Thorax, Scimmy and Scythe so with no more Logi. They all ran away. Ignore the Slicer I don't think he was in the gang. I could be wrong though looks like a split battle report.

Then to top off a nice evening. This happened. I warped to station after someone said a Mega was on station aggressed him with Snow and then he docks and out comes a Bestower... ???>>>>

Shoot the indy he docks and out comes the mega pilot in a Rokh... Ok... I aggress him for shit's and have one of our logi repping me just you know so I don't die to station guns and the guy goes hot on Snow. Fleet jump's in and he stops aggressing as they land. Managed to overheat maybe about 15s before his timer expires and kill him before he docks back up. So all in all it was a OP success.

Was'nt a very challenging roam but it gave me food for thought on what I need to work on to shake off the remaining rust.

More to come soon as my fleet's of self inflicted death rain down on New Eden.



P.S Then we repped POCOS! - I hate POCO repping. Just saying. =]

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