Saturday, 12 April 2014

Forward Unto Dawn

Hai all!

Delayed posting again but honestly I was out of it the other night and passed out.

Last few days have been interesting and alot's changed literally in the space of a couple weeks. I guess I'll do a catch up post then move on to some of my activitys in the last week or so.

So I rejoined EVE. Well to put it a better way I "Returned from hiatus" Accounts were still subbed during my AFK as I hate losing out on skillpoints and to be honest the cost isn't overbearing and I always manage to argue my justification in my head until I can convince myself what I'm doing isn't stupid. Eve is a great game and continuing to grow it CCP need's player support so even while AFK for me to want to return from AFK's to better content they need money to make it. So I consider a "AFK Payment" an investment.

Anyway moving on. I'm still part of a great corporation known as VOID, It's full of massive dicks and emo raging and whelp fleets but I love it and couldnt really ask for a better group of friends in EVE, even if they are cock molesting assholes. Just to give them a little ego boost they are the kind of people that if someone say's help the kitchen sink gets throw out the window as they scramble to either back you up or whore on you're kill mail. Over a year with them now and I still don't regret it.

On my return I moved all my stuff down to Tasti in the forge region. Ideal 12 jumps from Jita so hooking up new stuff was a piece of blueberry pie. But a few day's ago we decided to leave our alliance and head down a new path, we finally accepted an offer from Shadow Cartel to come play in there yard so with my 3 carrier toons and my JF toon loaded up I moved 100+ ships and around 7b in modules ( How the fuck did I get so much shit????? ) To Avenod just a short distance from Hek. Luckily my spacebro's were up with a cyno chain and surprisngly I was moved in just over half an hour.

So now Im chilling down in lowsec being a dirty pirate like normal and with the added bonus of EUTZ friends in SC it should prove to be a fun time as I'll have more to do then I did before!

I have killed a few things in the last week or so. Lost a legion but thrashed my loss away with a thrasher and got a few million isk in kills to make up for it!

Then lost a Armageddon to stupidity ( My fleet mates ) And there tunnel vision.. who knew a Golem could have such a insane tank never seen anything like it. Was awesome fun though and I laughed all the way back to my hangar loss's are part of EVE after all and I learnt a long time ago if you can't deal with them move on to play my little pony or some other crap game.

Well update complete I have some contracts to fulfill for my buds so toodles!


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