Sunday, 6 April 2014

Back from Hiatus


Sorry I've been away so long work's kept me busy floating about across the country and other countries building up new shops so my time on the PC was practically zero. Shy of logging on to change skills I had about as much time to play as a ant has to live after you pour a kettle onto it.

Ive been signed off from work for a week with a fucked knee and used this time to move my ships and various goodies down to another lowsec system with my brosec corp to hopefully catch some pew pew with the moving finally finished today I can start looking at playing a little more without having to spend hours moving crap.

I have noticed a lot of changes in game and it's nice to come back and find so many improvements have taken place since last I paid any attention. Rapid launchers for BS was probably one of my favourites! Still giving the ability for great DPS but actually being able to apply it to cruisers/bc's is great! Along with the new anchorable structures the balancing and the Command Ship reworks I seem to have found a little more pleasure in flying again now that things have been fixed.. by no means are they finished but it's  a start and one that has definatly pushed me to find more time to play!

Hopefully I'll have some kills to share later

Much love

Rand o/

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