Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Supers and How not to be a scrub...

Boo! Been a while hasn't it?

Ive been playing just you know.. work.. and meh.

So I finally picked up a super not long ago, I ended up going for the Wyvern because the Matigu SeaBeast Skin is awesome, Should have been Caldari's base skin in my opinion but hey.

Anyway so this is a short story about how to not be a scrub and it comes from personal experience. So basically I accepted the contract and went over to the citadal to collect it being all excited I didn't notice that the seller had forgotten to pop in the fuel that usually comes with the contract so I undocked and went to jump to my cyno only to find out that I had no fuel.. Needless to say I was a little miffed that I didn't check... So while I was shuttling some fuel over my corp mocked me mercilessly for several hours and it's now become a corp joke about supers and fuel. So tip number one. Make sure you have fuel otherwise you look like me... an idiot.

Tip number two. Don't bomb your own fighters.

While in the process of figuring out wtf to do with the unguided bombs in a haven I managed to bomb my already damaged lights and killed 2 of them.. GG. YouTube is there for a reason.. Guess I should use it.

And finally when testing out the burst modules fire the interdiction sphere burst projector AWAY from your super. Unlike this guy who managed to bubble his own super in a safe spot. Needless to say I'm still pretty happy about finally achieving one of my goals and going forward I shall endeavor to not be a total scrub lord and do silly things with a fairly expensive ship.

Kinda concerned about buying a titan as knowing my luck Ill jump myself instead of bridging on the first try and quite likely end up dying.

I must admit since eve went FTP for new people it's been nice seeing a influx of new players and the game seems more... active which is great. There's a lot happening and ultimately this can only be a good thing. I'm enjoying playing more and more since the expansions and really CCP are doing a pretty great job, granted there's some stuff that needs fixing but overall the last few big changes have been great. I only hope they don't completely fuck T2 Production with the new moon mining but as always we'll either adapt or complain and then adapt.

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