Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nag and CNR's who needs em!

Why hey there kids! Did you know that in EVE people still trust strangers? No? Well it's true! Although one less person does now!

Ill explain in a bit! First up I have moved corps after spending a year in eHarm I felt that we had drifted apart and it was time to move on so I hooked up with my new pirate buddies and got a application in the other day! So yay! Been having an absolute blast. Case in point about two days ago me and Fay where trying to catch some Jedi Starwars fanboys and failed horribly until DT which saw a dread log off at the sun in Erila! After DT we logged in and opened a can of shadow cartel whoop ass on him!

It's late so I'm bailing for bed another update tomorrow! And a conclusion to this post!

Love Randy!

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