Friday, 16 September 2011

Wierd dreams and Eve.

Hey boys and girls, Yes im still alive! Its justt been abit.. bleh! EVE has for the time being lost it's appeal to me. I would look at coming back but not to 0.0. . . Maybe lowsec I dunno yet depends if theres a corp out there who A. are half decent and have goood! FC's. and B. Arnt full of elitist pricks and just wanna chilllllll!

With all the crap thats been going on EVE has lost its spark that little something I logged in to chuck into dry hedges and start forest fires... So if someone wants to try and bring that spark back feel free to eve mail me! LOWSEC ONLY! I fancy going pirate again.. Not like I dont have enough alts to manage hauling shit anymore ahaha!

As for the dreams there mainly wierddd! Like.. In space or some random planet kinda wierd... may encorporate them into a fiction over the weekend. :D

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