Friday 27 October 2017

Moon Goo Bonanza!

Evening all,

So on the 24th of this month Eve saw probably one of it's most game changing moments happen in a very speedy and very smooth ( sort of smooth ) patch.

In the entire history of Eve Online Moon Goo mining has always been a passive income. What I mean by this is Alliances or Corporations within the game would anchor a player owned structure fondly known as a POS. With this they would anchor 2 modules that would mine a moon for resources unattended for generations to come. Back in the "Good Ol' Days" this used to be the most common reason for a all out war over pure resources however in recent future that hasn't really been the case due to the big entities having already sourced a good region and no real powers around or reason to kick them out  or even move out themselves.

Anyway moving on. The  new system in place is one that copies the current mining spree with a few exceptions. The new "Refinery" structures CCP has implemented in the game are to replace previous citadels that were otherwise used for refining. They are specialized and focus bonuses on refining and reaction times. Que more structure spam.

Once rigged they will provide a higher bonus ( Large only ) Then the previous highest refine rate, They also have a timer for pulling up asteroid belts to mine the shortest being I believe 6 days till a belt appears and the longest somewhere around 52. I can't remember the exact numbers. Chunk sizes are dependent on the length of the "Pull".

So now day's instead of leaving a structure up for the month to suck up what was essentially free money for alliances and corporations, they now have to figure a way of getting around the free money loss. For Alliances with a strong industrial backbone like Goonswarm/Test/Brave it won't be so bad ( I didn't include PL/NC in there purely because the only thing they use Rorquals for is killing our supers so... ) However for PVP focused alliances that either relied on the free money moons or had a good chunk of it used for SRP and enjoying the game they now have to seriously consider other avenues like employing industrialists into their ethos in order to continue the status quo.

It will be interesting to see who adapts well and who doesn't and whether or not the new system creates content or just gives carebears like myself another way to buy titans like they're tristans.

Only time will tell.

Rand ~

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