Tuesday 29 August 2017

Finally! TITAN

Hey guys back again,

So after 8 years of hording and mining and ratting and killing things and market PVP. I finally decided to put some of that isk to use in the form of a Titan. I spent ages debating this purchase but as it was considered my "end game" to own one I had the chance and I took it. So about 2 months ago the sucker went in the oven and out came my shiny new Erebus.

I am fully aware that it's basically the worst titan in the game currently next to the Levithan.

A lot of the reason I picked this up was purely a achievement in the game for me. I've done nearly everything else and had every single ship in the game except titans and I decided I'd finally get one. If it dies then so be it I'll buy another!

- Also I haven't been playing much the last two months RL took a reign again as it usually does. RIP.

I got the opportunity to head to fanfest next year as well however I think I have to decline as I am flying back to Tokyo again :D

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